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இரண்டரை நாழிகைக் காலம் ; வெயில் மிகுந்த நாள் ; அஞ்சத்தக்கவன் .

தமிழ் - தமிழ் அகரமுதலி

இரண்டரை நாழிகை கொண்ட காலவளவு. (W.) Hour, a measure of time;

Tamil Lexicon

, [akōrai] ''s.'' An astrological divi sion of the day into sections of one hour, or two and a half nalikies each, in which the seven planets reign successively, succeed ing each other once in every cycle of seven hours. The order of succession is as fol lows, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. From this it follows as a matter of course, that the planet which gives name to the day commences its reign at sun-rise, ஓரையினுட்பிரிவு.

Miron Winslow

n. perh. ahōrātra.
Hour, a measure of time;
இரண்டரை நாழிகை கொண்ட காலவளவு. (W.)


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