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[uẕlu ] --உழல், கிறேன், உழன்றேன், வேன், உழல, ''v. n.'' To whirl, revolve, சுழல. 2. To play, be in motion, to swing as a door on its hinges, &c., ஆட. 3. To wander, roam, to be unsettled, be agitated, சுற்றித்திரிய. 4. To oscillate, vibrate, அசைய. 5. To waver, be anxious, to be vexed, worried, மனஞ்சுழல. 6. To be in a state of suffering and distress--as the soul in con nexion with births, to revolve through various transmigrations, பிறவியிற்சுழல. உழலாமனனும். An unwavering mind- (நைட.) உழலூசல்போல. Like an agitated swing- (மறைசை.) சமுசாரக்கவலைகொண்டுழலுகிறான். He is troub led with family cares. ஒக்கவுழன்றான். He has labored or suf fered together with another.

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