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III. v. i. clamour without sense, speak indistinctly (as a simpleton, a child or a person in fear) பிதற்று; 2. stammer out of fear, தடுமாறிப்பேசு. உளறல், v. n. inarticulate utterance. உளறுபடி, உளறுபடை, incoherence in speaking. உளறுவாயன், a babbler, one that chatters.

J.P. Fabricius Dictionary

, [uḷṟu] கிறேன், உளறினேன், வேன், உளற. ''v. n.'' To clamor without sense, bawl, utter unmeaning vociferations, குழற. 2. To cry out through alarm, பயத்தினாற்றடு மாறிப்பேச. 3. To be confused through fear and to speak incoherently, indistinctly, or inconsistently, to give confused evi dence, வீணாயுளற. 4. To utter incoherent sounds--as a person dreaming, கனாக்கண்டு பிதற்ற.

Miron Winslow

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